Once upon a time

Folktale Winery began hosting traveling musicians who would perform in its beautiful Barrel Room venue and stay at the chateau on the property. Often the stay at Folktale for a few days was a welcome respite from the road, and the musicians would be inspired by the natural beauty and solitude of the property, and of course the wine. This would lead to the appearance of the elusive muse, and new music was created, half written musical ideas blossomed into songs, lyrics  were completed, and often these creations were performed for the first time in concert on the property.  Many of the bands and songwriters expressed their desire to be able to record these new works during their stay.


One day,

a film composer and music producer, Mark Governor relocated to Carmel from Los Angeles, and was looking for creative projects to collaborate on locally.  He came to the winery to attend a concert and was introduced to the winery’s owner and management team, and they formed Talking Animals Music with a mission to produce and record the artists who came to play. Often the recordings captured live performances and world premieres of songs, and sometimes intimate recordings in the houses and spaces around the winery.  Word passed on through the music community and soon musicians from all over were reaching out to Talking Animals wanting to perform and record in the magical venue.  


Talking Animals

was coined by winery owner Greg Ahn, who noted that many beloved folktales feature a character that is a talking animal, and often these animals sang or played music in the tales.  And now, in a new collaboration between Talking Animals and Folktale, music and wine will inspire each other to create Talking Animals wine that features access to exclusive recordings and performances, together again for a happy ever after.


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8940 Carmel Valley Road
Carmel, CA 93923


info at TalkingAnimalsMusic.com